Office Decor
In the year 2008 we have made our's debut in the market of office and store equipment. We would like to take Your attention on our elegant holders for brochures, that are made of stainless steel. We offer holders assigned for such brochures as: 1/3 A4 vertically, 1/3 A4 horizontally and A4 vertically. All our holders possess felt mats, that guarantee stability on all kinds of surfaces. The holders may be enraved with company's logotype.

Addtionally we offer a modern and unique holder for hats, that is made of stainless steel, thanks to what gains an extraordinary outlook and durability in usage. The holder consists of 5 levels each for 6 hats and a cylinder intended for a sticker or laser engraving with company's logotype.

We are open as well to your designs, if we are technically able to produce such ones.

Feel inspired by the following pictures of the OFFICE Decor products.

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